23 Great Ways To Decorate Your Home This Easter

Are you looking for some great ways to decorate your home this Easter season? I have a bunch of ideas that have worked well in the past. Whether you live in an apartment where you don’t want to make a lot of noise or a house where you want all eyes on how cute your decorations are, I can help.

Easter Egg Succulents

Have you ever seen Easter Egg Succulent plants? They’re so cute! They look just like small easter eggs. I’m going to share some pictures of how to make your own Easter Eggs succulents. I love this DIY succulent idea. They are pretty easy to make and for the most part, succulents are very forgiving in their care.

Color-Blocked Wire Basket

How would you like to whip up an Easter basket in minutes? This no-sew project really is a snap to put together, and you can customize the colors for your holiday gathering. Leave it just as it is, or make it in a rainbow of colors!

Moss-Covered Egg Centerpiece

If Easter is your favorite holiday, you will sure love the following decoration idea! The moss covered Easter egg centerpiece is a lovely and elegant representation of Easter’s natural vibe.

Floral Imprinting

If you love to create Easter goodies and decorating, then you may enjoy Floral Imprinting. It’s a process of using distinctive leaves, petals and flower pedals as colorful embellishments for Easter eggs, egg art, wreaths and similar creations.

Swedish Easter Tree

Swedish Easter called påsk in Swedish, is a mildly insane tradition most Swedes partake in. The whole thing started when the Swedish King Gustav Vasa came back from his studies in Germany and noticed that everyone there was really hyped about Easter… So he made a Swedish version. People have gone all-out with their Easter celebration ever since, but the tree is the one thing that remains the same.

Natural and Crafty Eggs

Natural Easter eggs are almost the same as the eggs you and I find in a carton of fall’s favorite treat, chocolate bunny. Just like store-bought chocolate bunny eggs, natural ones require accurate timing, attention to detail and plenty of drying time to make it seem like your yolk of a kid had help decorating. However, natural candy and crafty Easter eggs require more fun in the process than the egg laying chicken.


Paper Tulip Centerpiece

Complicated crafts aren’t always a necessity for a great Easter. Instead, it’s the simpler ideas that are just as effective and can be executed with household items. It’s easy to create your own tulip.

Hen’s Nest Place Settings

Easter is here and you’ve put in so much effort planning what your table will look like. You want it to be absolutely perfect because you want everyone who visits your house to fall in love with your home, right? But do you really want to use these classic “hen’s nest” place settings? Sure, they are a lovely way of decorating the table for Easter brunch with rose petals for a bit of flair.

Ombre Candle Votive

Ombre candles represent spring and Easter, moving from darker hues of green to lighter shades of blue. Use these instructions to make your own colorful votives for spring.

Galvanized Tubs

There’s no question that the Easter holiday is a fun time of year with friends and family gathering to celebrate. This year, I’d like to share with you some beautiful galvanized tubs to give you inspiration for your own garden and backyard.

Swedish Feather Easter Tree

Easter is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with a Swedish Feather Easter Tree!

Botanical Easter Eggs

Oooee. The easter bunny has been busy! Botanical Easter Eggs are an easy-to-make and elegant addition to any Easter table. These beauties will never disappoint with their sophisticated colors and flowers.

Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

Cherry blossom season — which, in the U.S. is typically in March and April — is when people make a point to celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom. These colorful trees are associated with the symbol of renewal and new beginnings. Traditionally, cherry blossoms symbolize youth and grace.

Potted Paper Easter Lily

This Potted Paper Easter Lily is a beautiful way to decorate for Easter. This craft is extremely easy to make and will be a beautiful addition to your home for the Easter holiday.

Easter Floral Arrangement

Brighten up the holidays with beautiful new Easter floral arrangements from Tropical Flower Market. With fresh flower arrangements, you’ll have plenty to decorate your home as well as special gifts and decorations for your family and friends.

Bunny Ear Napkin Fold

This fun, simple Easter craft is just perfect for the kids…and their mom. I mean, can you think of a better way to spend a day than creating AWESOME origami napkins to impress your guests?

Tons of Tulips

Tons of tulips must mean Easter is right around the corner! You can make your own or maybe give a few to mom.

Pretty Doily Table Runner

Who doesn’t love a pretty doily table runner? Doilies have a real nostalgic feel and are also a simple great way to add a special touch to any holiday.

Egg Holder Place Cards

As Easter is just around the corner, you are probably looking for some cute Easter egg holder place cards to use at your annual Easter brunch gathering. Here is a quick and easy DIY Easter egg holder place card that you can make yourself using a small buttom box and some construction paper.

Easter Egg Pinatas

These Easter egg pinatas are a fun way to get the Easter celebration started. They’re easy to make and a great project for the kids to join in on. Plus, they’re a great way to use up some of those extra Easter eggs you may have laying around.

Vintage Pillow Case Napkins

I like making a few DIY projects for Easter. This past year I made these Vintage Pillow Case Napkins. It looks like little box knots and they are surprisingly easy to make.

Bunny Banner

Why not have a bunny banner on Easter? It’s the perfect time to put it up!

Mini Egg Baskets

These Mini Egg Baskets are a fantastic and easy project for kids. You can use them to store little toys or trinkets, or even as gift baskets for Easter.


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