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<h1>LGBT community</h1>
<p>Since I’m gay and I’ve had a positive experience with new media, especially Facebook and Twitter, I know that <a href=””><strong>LGBT</strong></a> can be a great starting point for many conversations. You know why? Cause in terms of social and cultural history it was a very important topic. When someone ask you about homosexuality this is the first thing in your head it’s LGBT. Many resources on the internet explain about that issue. I think it’s quite interesting subject not only for gays and lesbians but for straight people too. There are some scientific researches which prove that we are all bisexual although different studies show opposite results. So this is a touchy part too cause some heteros makes fun of gays and lesbians</p>
<h2>SVG DXF PNG EPS are some design files people might use.</h2>
<p><a href=”;s=svg&amp;post_type=product”><strong>SVG, DXF, PNG, EPS</strong></a>. These are just some of the design files people might use for creating an awesome logo or graphic.</p>